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Start Your Next Adventure with
Wadi Rum Hikers

Wadi Rum Desert is out backyard its where we grew up and learned everything about life, we are from it and it is from us and one of my goals in life -and thats why i started this company- is to share it to the world and be able to introduce it to other people from all around th world. 


Mountain Hiking

Experience The Journey Through The Martian Sands

Camel Riding Trips

Feel The Camel Hoofs On the Desert's Sands, Travel Around The Desert In Authentic Way.

 Jeep Tours

Drift Through The Dunes Of Wadi Rum And Explore The Vast Landscapes

2021-11-20 13.17.00.jpg

Cave Camping

Nothing Beats The Cold More Than Hiding In The Warmth Of The Mountain, All You Need Is Fire And A Mountaing Heart.

Star Gazing

Experience The Luminance Of The Milkyway, Millions Of Stars Are Waiting For You.

Our food and drinks

We serve our meals buffet-style. For breakfast, we have bread and a selection of toppings like oil & za’atar, labneh, hummus, cheese, jam, and eggs accompanied by Bedouin tea, coffee, and mineral water.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to make things happen. Contact us for a free consultation.

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